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Counselling in Chelmsford, Essex

It can be difficult to know where to start and begin to talk about your experiences and what feelings may be brought up by the challenges you face. If you chose to I am able to work with the arts. Integrative arts therapy helps provide emotional support when children, adolescents and adults are faced with experiences in life that they are finding difficult to cope with. Using the arts can help you to communicate your feelings and express your thoughts, which you may find difficult to talk about (this does not require any artistic skill or previous experience of working with the arts).

Along with private practice, I have experience of working in the NHS, Private Heath Care, Hospice, Bereavement Counselling, Education Settings, Dementia Care, Learning Difficulties and Charities. Whatever the setting, when working with the client, for me the most important thing is the ability to build up a therapeutic relationship where the client can feel safe, listened to and not judged.

Whether or not you have had therapy before, meeting a new therapist can feel daunting and it is important that the therapist you choose is right for you. In the first meeting I can discuss your focus for therapy and you can ask questions and decide whether you will feel comfortable working with me. With this in mind, my first consultation is free as I believe it is important for you to see if I am able to work together with you before committing to regular sessions.

Psychotherapy in Essex

I believe working psychotherapeutically with children, adolescents and adults requires specialist skills and knowledge to meet the differing needs of these age groups and life experiences they bring to therapy. As such I have specific qualifications and a range of experience working with each of these groups.

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